WSC-WICA Regional Labor Management Meeting

WICA Contractors and WSC Labor Leaders met in March to examine the pressing issues facing the industry. Contractors and Labor Leaders also explored methods to build upon the labor-management partnership. In a change from years past, leadership took a new approach to add additional value for attendees by focusing on issues in “local” areas and meeting in breakout groups to have open discussions. The breakout groups were California – Nevada – Hawaii Locals, Pacific Northwest Locals, and Mountain-Southwest Locals. Each group addressed the issues identified by local leadership and focused on what would help their respective area grow marketshare. Groups also looked at what could be done jointly to build on the labor/management partnership and grow local markets.

The breakout sessions concluded with an overall report from each group that identified various items of action as well as identified areas of improvement. Contractors in attendance felt positively about moving forward to build on the relationship. All attendees agreed to return home and continue working on their partnership while moving in a positive direction with emphasis on the issues discussed in the meeting. The meeting proved to be a valuable experience and created a positive tone as we continue to work together.

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