WICA Annual Sponsor Program Enrollment Now Open

The WICA 2019 Annual Sponsor Program is now open for enrollment! Register today and take advantage of the benefits the Annual Sponsor Program has to offer. The WICA Annual Sponsor Program is designed to increase the visibility of your company among WICA members while also supporting and enhancing WICA events throughout the year. WICA is expanding the Annual Sponsor Program in 2019 with additional opportunities for exposure through the WICA Website and Monthly eNewsletter. As we approach the new year consider becoming a WICA Annual Sponsor. 

All Annual Sponsors Receive:

  • Logo placement on the Annual Sponsors Banner, displayed at all WICA events
  • Company name listed as an Annual Sponsor in all event program books
  • Company logo appearing on the WICA Website in the Annual Sponsor scrolling banner and on the WICA Annual Sponsors Page
  • Printed recognition in the WICA newsletter and on the WICA website numerous times throughout the year
  • Vocal recognition at each WICA event
  • An end-of-year report, showing how Annual Sponsor Companies were recognized
  • Company listed in the Annual Sponsor Section of the WICA app
  • Expanded Directory Listing with designation as an Annual Sponsor*
  • Feature in WICA eNewsletter* (Platinum and Gold Levels Only**)

*New in 2019

**Only Platinum and Gold Sponsors are guaranteed a space in the WICA monthly ENEWS. However, Silver Sponsor may be offered the opportunity later in the year, space permitting. 

Companies can customize their sponsorship through three options. 









Logo on WICA Website

Logo on WICA 2018 Annual Sponsor Banner

Live Recognition at events

Recognition on WICA App

Company name in each event’s program book

Company name on sponsorship sign at events

Recognition in the WICA eNewsletter

Expanded Individual Profiles in Company Directory Listings




Golf Hole Sponsorship valued at $300/each




Convention Sponsorship valued at $500




Convention Sponsorship valued at $300




Optional Presentation at Annual Convention


Feature in Monthly ENEWS


WICA members who choose to be Platinum or Gold Sponsors will have the opportunity to have exposure in the monthly ENEWS. Platinum sponsors will have the option of providing a 300 word article that will be featured on the WICA website. These articles will focus on industry related business. Gold Sponsors will have their logo displayed in the ENEWS. The logo will link to a WICA page that will have a 200 word company bio and company representatives. 

The expanded directory listing will include an optional headshot, social media and email links, a brief introduction, and designation as an Annual Sponsor. The number of individuals represented for each company in their directory listing is dependent on the chosen sponsor level. If your company has more than one location each location will be awarded with the same number of listings.  

For more information and a visual example please download WICA Annual Sponsor Guide Here.

If you have any questions please contact Leanna Davis in the WICA office at (801)364-0050, or email leanna@wica1.com.


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