Convention Gathers People, Ideas & Inspiration


2016-09-11-reception-02A record number of WICA members attended the 2016 WICA Annual Convention at Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara. California granted the weather needed for outdoor receptions, a golf tournament, and an afternoon of wine tasting. Networking, education, and business meetings were squeezed in there too.

With speaker Mark Matteson at the helm for both the Keynote breakfast and morning Seminar, members learned new professional development strategies in the areas of time management and prioritization. Leaders of the insulation industry on the contracting side, as well as the distribution, fabrication and manufacturing sides, collaborated and discussed industry trends and challenges as a group. Meetings wrapped up with the Annual Business Meeting, where the 2017 budget was passed, new board members were voted in, and plans for the upcoming year were discussed.

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Did You Attend the 2016 Annual Convention?

WICA wants your feedback

Tell us what you liked, what you hated and what you were indifferent to about the convention.  Make suggestions on speakers and discussion topics, as well as side trips and scheduling for 2017’s programming (at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle). Let us know how to make it better, more relevant and more educational for you.

This 9-question survey will take less than 9 minutes of your time, but will help us plan for future years!


WICA App Beats Paper Program

Screenshot of one page of the WICA app

Paper programs are becoming a thing of the past with the introduction of the WICA app as a convention tool. Roughly half the attendees declined to take a paper program, in part because all the information they needed was already on their phones. By the end of the convention, another 30 folks had downloaded the app. With more than 1,700 “page views” (the number of times any app page having to do with convention information was looked at), attendees were constantly on their phones – which was smart, since the convention had some room shuffles, and golf winners were posted soon after the tournament ended.

wica-event-pamphlet-02Photos of the convention are now available on the app for viewing, and WICA will continue to add timely, appropriate information, events and updates through the app all year long. Features already on the app include the WICA membership directory, access to labor documents, and easy viewing of news article.

The app is expected to replace the convention’s paper programs entirely in the next two years, as its features and information continue to grow.

Download the app now at the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.